Отчёт по рыбалке на Харловке, неделя 31 – Пятница, 31 Июля

Отчёт по рыбалке на Харловке, неделя 31 – Пятница, 31 Июля

Posted on 03/08/2015

Number of Rods: 13
Nationaliites: 11 Norwegians and 2 Danes
Number of fish: 136
Personal Bests: 2
Largest fish of the week: the one we didn’t land
Largest fish of the week (that was caught): 28 lbs.
Number of satisfied anglers: 13

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While giving the last days speech Calix (our Norwegian friend) said: “Forest Gump had said that life is a box of chocolate, you never know what is inside. This week we had a bit of everything: sunny days and rainy ones, lost fish along with those that were nice ones that were landed.” This short speech fully described our 31st week.


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It was one of the hardest weeks of this season. The weather seemed to be totally against us. Water levels were going down fast. But nevertheless those are no reasons for Vikings to give up on their dreams.

They are used to cold weather and strong winds, they are ready to deal with any fish, they write poems and are ready to sing a cappella in front of a crowd of people, they are anglers from Norway and Denmark.

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We got a week full of emotions. Tow of our anglers (Helge and Petter) had never landed Atlantic Salmon before coming to the Kharlovka lodge. The first day of the week changed their lives forever: the result were two personal bests with 13 and 16 pounders. The biggest fish of the week also did not keep us waiting for too long. It was Trond who landed this wonderful 28 pound salmon.

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As usual on Friday, we had a huge party. During this party Gregar read us one of his great poems and Cornelius sang a son. We all very much enjoyed this week. This is what usually happens when friends gather together.


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It’s always hard for all of us to say “Good bye”, so instead we say “See you!” and everything seems to be better.

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