Отчёт по рыбалке на Харловке, неделя 23

Отчёт по рыбалке на Харловке, неделя 23

Posted on 02/06/2015

The mighty Kharlovka is open and large salmon are rolling into the system!

Kharlovka show (48)

This season spring arrived about 3 to 4 weeks early to the far northern coast of the Kola Peninsula when temperatures started to warm up into the high teens back in early May.  As a result the river ice had cleared by the 12th of May. The last 2 weeks have seen mild temperatures which has melted the majority of the snow. Last week when we arrived to the camps on 26 May the Kharlovka river was flowing at a level of 80cm with a temperature of 2.7C. By the time the first guests arrived on Saturday 30 May the river had dropped to 56cm with a warm spring water temperature of 7.8C.  Last season we started out with very high water level of 122cm that rose up to a record 141cm during the week with a final day river temperature of 5.1C

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Not surprisingly, the early conditions this season provided excellent fishing results with 11 salmon landed averaging 17 pounds during the first 1.5 days.

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Kharlovka news for Monday:

Air temp – 5.8C H20 – 8.6C Level – 52cm

The weather was all over the place. Conditions seemed perfect for the first 45 minutes in the morning before fresh unforcasted winds up to 75km/hr blew through challenging our casting/presentations for the rest of the day.


There were large waves reported in the estuary which tends to stir the sand limiting the salmon from entering the system. The boys worked extra hard today to find 4 springers up to 15 pounds.

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Nevertheless, the ducks were tasty, the wine plentiful and their spirit eternal.


They are forecasting more wind, light rain, cooling temperatures along with epic battles with large salmon over the coming days.
Stayed tuned for more updates to come. It is also possible to follow up during the week on the ASR facebook page.

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