Kharlovka week 36 2016

Posted on 08/09/2016

Fantastic Week!

Number of Rods: 13
Nationalities: English, Russian, Spanish, Finnish
Number of salmon: 131
Fresh Osenkas: 17, 17, and 18 pounds
Personal Bests: 5 (Sergey, Alexander, Robin, Olli, Mikhail, Alexey)
Largest salmon: 11 over 20 pounds including a 117cm – 36 pounders and 112cm – 30 pounder

Last week we had it all! Starting with a sunny warm windy weekend with southern breezes gusting to 50km/hr and temps into the high teens. Thankfully the winds died down early week with partly cloudy skies and fresh temps to about 10C. This is how things would remain for nearly the rest of the week expect for Thursday which was nearly impossible to cast a line with cold north winds gusting to 75km/hr. Water temps remained pretty steady throughout at about 10C and the water level slowly dropped from 26cm down to 18cm.

WhereWisMenFish-ASR-Three Rivers-34

The fishing was fantastic from start to finish. Just ask our good friend Alexander who was back for his third week of the season who leapt off the helicopter on the very first Saturday afternoon and ran down to the legendary Flat Stone and proceeded to landed 6 salmon in 4 hours – all on his floating line and Golden Killers. The largest fish was 117cm X 61cm = 36 pounds! He also had another of 22 pounds.. Welcome to the Kharlovka Big Fish Club! Later in the week on the windy Thursday Alex gave another master class with floating line and large black and green rubber legged Frodin fly landing 8 salmon after lunch up at the Kharlovka National Park – the biggest was 28 pounds. With 24 salmon that included a couple others over 20 we are confident that we will see our friend back again for several weeks next year.



Alexander wasn’t the only Russian to rip them here last week. Special mention also goes out to our other good friend Alexander and Mikael who have been returning back for the last 6 years. In addition to a couple of nice fish in the 20 pound class they both landed cracking silver Osenkas that one memorable sunny afternoon of 17 and 18 pounds.



Alexey who was back again for his second trip this year also gets special mention for spending most of the week in camp this time. Before he had to fly out for business on the Wednesday afternoon he landed his new personal best 26 pounder off the Reindeer pool on the lower Litza.

Alexey S (2)


Honourable mention also goes out to our new friend Sergey who was here this week scouting out the camps for our first Chinese group who will join us next year. As this was Sergey’s first time fly fishing for salmon he managed to break his personal best over and over during the week. His last 2 salmon were 18 and 24 pounds. We are looking forward to welcoming Team China to the ASR in 2017!

Sergey K

It was a pleasure to meet the jolly Finnish trio of Olli, Robin and Mikhail. It didn’t take long, in fact it was the first day, for Big fish Robin to break his P.B with a big fat 30 pounder off the Flat Stone. A couple of days later he had another of 24 pounder off the lower Kharlovka. Although we don’t have a photo of good ole Olli first salmon ever of 18 pounds, we all throughly enjoyed his company and are looking forward to seeing them back for round II next year. Special mention also goes out the Mikhail who besides cooking up one of the tastiest trout we ever tried went on to land his first salmon ever of 7 pounds! As they say in Finland – Youllliii Poookiii!




Congratulations to our friend Anthony as well who started the year with some nice fresh springers on the Rynda and was back again last week to land the first bright fresh Osenka of the year at 17 pounds!

Anthony and Jenya and Osenka

Honourable mention also goes out to David for breaking his P.B. with a 23 pounder (no photo) and his fishing partner Dave who was back again and still going strong in his 70′s for each catching a dozen nice salmon.

Dave (2)

Special mention to Grand Malaka who landed a bright fresh 17 pounder at the Litza Falls. After examining a scale under the microscope we realised this special fish was 8 years old and had just returned back to the river to spawn for the second time later this fall. All the best to our amigos Eduardo and Malaka!

Gena and Malaka

Eduardo and Malaka

Great weeks are made of good company amongst good friends and of course lots of big fish! Hasta la vista!