Kharlovka week 33 ending 16th of august 2019

Posted on 11/09/2019

After receiving the news early on that we would not be able to operate the later autumn 3 Rivers weeks due to military closures, we were absolutely delighted to welcome our international fishing friends back into camp!

Stop over at Rynda (1)

Team Scotland arrived in their traditional kilts as usual. Sunday morning all the guests were awoke to the beautiful sound of traditional Scottish pipe played by Jamie Junior.

Stuart-Gordon-Kulagin-Jamie-Jamie Junior in kilts!(2)

Number of Rods: 17
Nationalities: Scottish, English, American, Swiss, Norwegian, Japanese, Danish
Number of salmon: 226
Best Salmon: 33, 28 and 27 pounds

Kharlovka international flags (3)

There were 6 personal bests:

Koichi – 15 lbs – Home pool – he lost a much bigger fish but was still very happy he hooked it;)
Rolf – 19 lbs – Litza Falls – fishing for salmon of fly for the first time
Jamie Junior – 20 lbs – Litza Flat Stone – 1st proper salmon!
Bjoern – 22lbs – Litza Flat Stone
Stuart – 25lbs – Kharlovka Falls
Ralph – 33 lbs – Reindeer Rapids

The fishing conditions were on the mild side for most of the week with temps ranging from 8 to 17C – while water temps warmed from 8 to 11C. The ideal conditions helped the group average about 45 salmon a day until the winds shifted slowing down the action late week on the Thursday when a dense layer of fog moved inland from the Barents Sea. That day the rivers rose 4cm before starting to slowly away again on the final day of the week.

Cornelius with 19 pounder at Kharlovka Falls(4)

While everyone had their stories and unforgettable moments – here are a few of the highlights from the week:

On the first day straight off the helicopter – Jamie Junior landed a 20-pounder from the Flat Stone. His ASR veteran father was very pround as it was the first proper salmon that his son has released and moreover it was hooked on the famous family fly – the Big Baldy!

Jamie Junior - 20 lbs - Flat Stone(5)

28-pounder landed by our great Scottish friend Allan on Rynda’s Tail of Canyon. We’ve arranged the quick transfer of the ring from Rynda and gave it to him along with our congratulations and champagne during the dinner. The fish was 106 cm long and 54 cm around.

Allan's 28 pounder Rynda ring fish (6)

Allan + ring (7)

Our new friend Ralph who never fished for salmon before this trip to the might Kharlovka landed his first salmon on fly on opening Saturday afternoon which was a 5 pound grilse. Later in the week he managed to improved his PB significantly up to 33 pounds which was landed on the Reindeer Rapids pool on lower Litza. The fish was very fat – 113 long and 60 cm around.

Ralph - 33 lbs - Reindeer Rapids(8)

Ralph - 33 lbs - Reindeer Rapids (9)

In addition, our new Norwegian friend Rolf who also is fishing with fly for the first time – also started with a grilse then improved his PB up to 19 pounds.

Rolf - 19lbs - Nikolay's - Rynda (10)

Bjorn also derserves honourable mention for his bright silver Rynda salmon.

Bjorn (11)

Jean Claude had a nice 20 pounder from the Home pool.

Jean-Claude - 20 lbs - Home Pool(11.5)

After returning from the Rynda and collecting with Big Fish ring, the next day Allan struck again with a nice fresh 19-pounder with long tailed sea lice from the Tent Pool. Dima said he doubted this was an Osenka and was more likely a late spring run fish. To top things off Allan released a big 27-pounder further downstream on the Reindeer pool.

Allan - 19lbs - Tent Pool - very fresh fish(12)

Allan - 19lbs - Tent Pool - very fresh release(13)

Allan - 27lbs - Reindeer(14)

Stuart from team Scotland landed a 25 pounder on Kharlovka Falls. The fish was hooked from the cliff up at the falls and then he had to chase it on the boat downstream almost to Guy’s pool.

Stuart and Kola(15)

Our Norwegian friend Bjorn caught a nice 22 pounder on the Flat Stone.

Bjoern - 22lbs - Flat Stone(16)

Although the fishing was challenging later in the week after the fog set in Jamie Junior released a bright fresh 19-pounder while young Cornelius found his 19 pounder up at the Kharlovka Falls – also this 21 pounder from Litza Dream.

Jamie Junior fresh 19 pounds Reindeer(17)

Cornelius - 21lbs - Dream Pool(18)

Both ASR staff and our fishing friends throughly enjoyed the whole experience. We are looking forward to seeing you all back next season on your regular weeks! We will be sending out ASR fishing invitations for 2020 by the last week of September.

Team Kharlovka

Team Kharlovka(19)