Kharlovka week 32 ending 7th of August 2015

Posted on 14/08/2015

Number of Rods: 13
Nationaliites: UK, Denmark, France, Russia and Finland.
Number of fish: 165
Personal Bests: 6
Largest fish of the week which was caught: 36 lbs.
Number of jokes and good stories: can’t be counted
The youngest angler of the week: 17 years old
Average age of anglers: 30

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We were expecting something special to happen this week, but we were not ready for such actions. This team quickly bonded together. Young and ambitious the boys travelled in from the UK, Denmark, France, Russia and Finland.


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The weather was taking us through its paces the whole week. Rain and wind followed us. But nothing could stop our anglers. Some of them had to cross the rivers twice, jumping into water and even walking hundreds of meters down stream to land their fish. Diligence is the mother of success. And after lots of efforts our anglers were rewarded.

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Almost half the team got their “personal bests”: Luke landed a 12 pounder for his first ever salmon on a fly, Giles got his “personal best” twice during the week (first – 18 lbs and second – 21 lbs), Christopher landed a 22 pounder early one morning at home pool while the others were still sleeping, Frederic and Sam both had 27 pounders each and of course there was Euan who landed his monster 36 pounder!

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By our new tradition Euan was awarded with “35+” ring along with a party in his honour.

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Another pleasant moment for all was presenting Thomas Christensen with a ring. This story of friendship between Thomas and the Northern Rivers started in 2000. Since that, he has been our guest 13 times and rightfully earned his special silver ring and status of “ASR VETERAN”.

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So what was this seasons youth week for all of us? Best emotions and millions of warm moments, defeat and victory. Thank you for coming. We are patiently waiting to see you all again. Dasha

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