Kharlovka week 31 ending 3rd of august 2019

Posted on 06/08/2019

Unforgettable week for our Viking friends on the mighty Kharlovka!

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Number of Rods: 14
Nationalities: Norwegian
Number of salmon: 303
Best Salmon: 29 over 20 pounds with 7 great salmon over 30 pounds including three 35+ big fish rings! with the largest salmon being 42,52 pounds

Six new personal bests:

Svein – 15lbs – Kharlovka Falls
Morten – 23lbs – Golden Pool
Odd – 32lbs – Island Pool
Robert – 36lbs – Secret Pool
Rolf – 39lbs – Flat Stone
Gregar – 42.52 lbs – Tent Pool – the biggest fish of the week – season!

1.5 upper Litza

Last Saturday 14 good friends touched down into camp and were greeted by an eager staff who were ready to get back on the rested waters. While the weather conditions started out warm and stable with the air and water temps perfectly suited for skating flies at 14C, the winds shifted back to the north for most of the majority of the week bringing strong gusts, mist and rain along with cooler temps down to the high single digits. As a result water levels rose up slightly by 5cm during the first half before dropping away 5cm during the last half for a final reading of 15cm on the Home pool scale. Nevertheless, big fish and Vikings all prefer nasty weather..

2 lunch on the river

With the entire group releasing loads of salmon – highlights were big and plentiful.

We were all excited to get the details of the big fish stories that had been crackling over the radios from the first group to come back to the camp from overnighting on the Litza. Turned out to be Gregar who returned back with that 1000 yard stare after releasing a 120cm X 66cm salmon that weighted 42.52 pounds. He mumbled on his way to the bar that the battle was long and and hard and the fish was very strong.



When we presented Gregar with his well earned Kharlovka big fish 35+ ring he did a little speech thanking everybody and said that some years ago he lost a very big fish and since that time the team call him some norwegian word which means “the guy who lost a big fish”. And thankfully it’s now no longer relevant and there’s another norwegian word for him now – “the guy who landed a big fish”.

5 Gragar and his ring

That same day Odd decided to stick it out on the lower Kharlovka while his fishing partner decided to hoof it back to the lodge because he thought the casting was hopeless due to the very strong winds and mist on the lower river. Odd was rewarded with his new personal best for his efforts and for believing with a 32 pounder from the Island pool.

6 Odd - 32lbs - island Pool (2)

Tore found a nice silver 27 pounder from Julian’s on the lower Kharlovka.

7 Tore - 27lbs - Julian's

Meanwhile Calix and Trond had a great day on Kharlovka Falls with 16 fish between them – including 24- and 23-pounders for Trond and a nice 20-pounder for Calix.

8 Calix - 20lls - Guy's Pool


Tommy and Sasha were all smiles with this 31 pounder from the lower Litza and also with this 23 pounder from the lower Kharlovka – along with all the other salmon they released.

10 Tommy and Sasha - 30 lbs - Snow bank (1)

11 Tommy and Sasha

Rolf also deserves honourable mention for his new 39 pound PB from the Flat Stone.
He confessed that he’s been hooked on fly fishing ever since he started many years ago. Finally this was the day he was dreaming about – to catch a really big fish. Rolf was very thankful to all the ASR team for hosting the day his dreams came true.

14 Rolf wearing 35+ ring

13 Kola with Rolf's 39 lbs - Flat Stone (3)

12 Rolf - 39lbs - Flat Stone

Gunnar with a nice 29 pounder from Barrel pool.

14.5 Gunnar - 29lbs - Barrel (2)

We all could not believe it when Robert came back to the camp – he was speechless and just showed everyone the photo of 36 pounder from the Secret Pool on Litza – landed early in the morning measuring 111 cm long X 61 cm around. Welcome to the big fish club!

15 Robert 36 pounder from Secret

Afterwards Robert also landed a 31-pounder on the Flat Stone – he was soooo happy. Volodya the guide told me that he had a dream the night before that they should start the fishing from the Secret Pool – and it worked well. Both Volodya’s guest – Gregar and Robert – have their 35+ ring now.

16 Volodya Gregar and Robert

All guys were happy – they drank and ate a lot, they were loud and cheerful – and we were all happy as well to be back on the rivers. It was an exciting week shared amongst jolly good friends that will not be forgotten.

Team Kharlovka

17 Team Kharlovka