Kharlovka week 31 ending 29th of July 2016

Posted on 01/08/2016

Number of Rods: 14 (plus French host)
Nationalities: French, Swiss, Russian, British
Number of fish: 111
Personal Bests: 3
Largest fish of the week: 23 pounds

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Every season about his time we traditionally welcome our French group back into camp. This time around they joined together with one Swiss, one Brit and a young Russian fishing addict to just make things more interesting. Our friends all eagerly arrived into camp on the first Saturday afternoon to yet more hot sunny conditions. However, the guides have been doing their rain dances for weeks and after two final days of scorching heat, all our prayers (and rain dances) were finally answered. The winds switched back to the north. Dark clouds covered the sky and 2 days of steady rain changed everything. Although the tundra soaked up the moisture for the first day, the rivers went up fast raising 10cm. By the end of the week the temperatures of the water and air were almost back to equal or perfect again at about 12C.

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Our anglers were ready to make the best of the rapidly changing conditions and they took no prisoners going on to land 111 fish on the week.

During one of the rainiest day, Gilles was lucky to catch his personal best. He returned back from fishing wet yet calm. He did not tell us any crazy story, but we could easily understand he was more than satisfied. “You have go above and beyond, but don’t miss the photo.” – he told me. “This is one of the most important photos ever” – he added. Of course, I did not miss it. Thanks to our guide Alex for this nice picture and Gilles for expressing his emotions on it.

pic 4

The most talked about person during the week was Maxim. He was the youngest but definitely not the least experienced. During the week Maxim showed off his skills going on to land 22 fish or 20% of the overall catch for the week. Not all that surprising as young Maxim signed up for 2 weeks this season and will probably lead the way again next week on the Kharlovka youth programme. Stay tuned…

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Honorable mention also goes to Claude who came to our lodge for his first salmon fishing ever. We are glad to mention that his personal best now is 16 pounder.

pic 6

We also want to mention Gerard. His personal best (23 pounder) also turned out the be the largest fish of the week. Well done!

pic 7

Special thanks also go out to Jean. Your passion and vehemence impresses us more and more every season. Thank you for coming. You are a gorgeous example of the unstoppable angler.

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Weeks become special when friends come to fish together. We are always happy to welcome our French friends in our lodge. Thanks for all our guest for another fantastic week here on Kharlovka – it was a real pleasure to meet you. Let’s carry on this wonderful tradition! We will be waiting for you again next year.


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Anglers advise: Double Handed Fly Rod (eight class) worked brilliantly in these extreme low water conditions. Experienced anglers will enjoy fishing with Switch Fly Rod (7/8 class). Using a floating line is the best option. However, always keep intermediate and sinking lines under your belt. Fill your fly box with small double hook flies (#10), single hook flies {Golden killer, Willie Gun (green body and V-fish)}, add few dry flies (bomber, green machine) and don’t forget the new hit – Matrasik.

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