Kharlovka week 32 ending 5th of August 2016

Posted on 17/08/2016

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Number of Rods: 14
Nationalities: Russian, English, Scots, Finnish
Number of fish: 119
Personal Bests: 3
Largest fish of the week: 35 pounds (by Maxim Illarionov)
Average air temperature: 14 C
Average water temperature: 13 C

One of the most important things for us, here in ASR, is to provide an opportunity and to encourage the younger generation. We are conscious of the need to wet their appetite to fishing and let them understand the importance of a respectful attitude to salmon. That is why every year we designate one week especially for young people.

The Youth week is always different from all others. It’s more active and courageous. It’s full of fun and stupid jokes. Luckily, the weather was favorable to us. It was cool and little rainy from time to time. Everything was just right for fishing.

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We started the first fishing day with 5 salmon caught by Maxim, who LOGICALLY used his time on a Home pool before lunch as he was the only guest in a lodge. We greeted our new group as usual on Saturday. From the first minute, we clearly understood that this was going to be a week to remember.

Of course the main story of the week was the big 35 pounder caught by Maxim, but first things first.

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Let us start our story from Gibby and Ewan (“Mr. Osenka”). Those guys had a good luck during this week. Together they caught 25 fish what is a great result. After learning about the osenka those two were so excited, that every fish they caught they were ready to call OSENKA. Unfortunately osenka usually comes to the river at the mid-august, however they were trying so hard, that at the end of the week Gibby caught his personal best (20 pounder) and Ewan said he was going officially change his surname to Osenka. You guys are just great!!

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Another team was Rory and Antonia. Everybody knows that ladies are more successful in fishing. Some people say that the reason is pheromones. May be that is why Rory could hook one of the biggest fish of the week, but not lucky enough to land it. Good reason to come back. As for Antonia, we were glad to see beautiful girl doing beautiful casting. Thank you for coming.

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Nick and Andy were the most hard working team during the week. They were fishing almost every morning before breakfast and every evening after diner. As a result 20 fish and hundreds of cool pictures.

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Johnnie and Angus. Johnnie caught his first personal best, then he caught his second personal best, then his third personal best. It is easy to imagine how happy he was. Johnnie’s personal best at the end of the week was 26 pounder, which was just a little less than best fish of the week, caught by his grandpa few weeks before that. Concerning Angus, he was just happy all the time and got probably one of the best fishing weeks of his life. As their guide Alex said after 3 days of fishing: “Well now those guys may call themselves anglers.” Sounds like he was really proud of them.

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The craziest team consisted of 2 Finnish guys (Klaus and Kalle). May be the Fishing Gods took issues with those two, but somehow their fishing was not as good as we expected. However, they have tried all possible and impossible fishing ideas. May be they were not the most successful, but they for sure were the most resourceful and had the most fun.

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Anton and Dmitry surprised us from the beginning. The most calm Russians we have ever met. They were primed for fishing and good result. At the end of the week they had 12 entires in the fishing book.

And the last but not the least Maxim and Andrew. As you already know, Maxim caught 35 pounder what became at the same time his personal best and the best fish of the week. Years of practice helped Maxim to land fish in 20 minutes. However, either the fight was attritional or fish was heavy but Maxim could hardly lift it out of water to take photo. At night we had a party with champagne and handing over 35+ ring. Well done Maxim!

Special mentions also go to Andrew, who was lucky to hook a big fish, but unfortunately the fish took all his backing, so he had no chance to land it. Make note – need more backing next time.

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Our reports are mainly consist of fishing stories, weather reports and congrats. But this time I would love to add few more words about one of the most important thing here. Tundra. If you fell in love with this place you will never lose this feeling. Tundra is a magic place which goes deep in your mind and heart. It shows you who you really are. It makes your mind clear and your soul free. And as Mr. Osenka said once: “Tundra. It makes sense.” We were glad to meet you all guys. We are impatiently waiting for you in our lodge next year. Each of you. And we know you will come back because tundra now is in your hearts.


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Angler advisor: This week had optimum conditions for using Double Handed Fly Rod (eight class), Switch Fly Rod (7/8 class), One Handed Fly Rod (nine class) and floating lines. Special attention center on flies. Double hook Silver stoat (#10) and single hook Golden killer (#7), Francis etc. However, it seems we used all possible flies this week. Leaders 0,33 – 0,37mm also was useful during the week. We should mention that our young team was making liberal use of even lighter tackle at the limit of their ability what made fishing extreme.