Kharlovka Fishing Week 31 – 2012

Posted on 03/08/2012

Looking back to those last memorable days of July, we were pleased to have a small cozy group that consisted of a couple of old friends and a couple more new amigos. Although we were expecting eight eager anglers to show up that week, only half the lucky group ended up jumping off the helicopter ready for action. The other 4 seemed to be too busy or unfortunate to join the party and elected to stay home with recent job promotions, bad backs, and an most unfortunate last minute broken leg!

Although we basically had the rivers to ourselves, the unpredictable summer conditions along the far northern coast continued to challenge us with our light weight summer rods. After a couple of bright sunny days to start, we then experienced another one of those cold – all day rain events that have been so frequent of late. As a result, the rivers rose up 16 cm in the middle of the week from an already above average reading of 15 cm to 31 cm on the home pool scale. Misty days with the air and water temperatures averaging about 12 degrees continued for the remainder of the week.

Thankfully we have had a few photographers in camp lately! While there were only four of them with miles of water to cover, with all of them deciding to camp over on the Litza for an extra night – in the end they had totaled 48 salmon including 3 new personal bests that were all over 20 pounds. We should also mention that we landed just under 100 sea trout up to 7 pounds – 3 chrome fresh sea char up to 4 pounds in addition, to a couple of ptarmigans that were spotted under the birch tree!

Here are a few of the photos to walk us through some of the highlights of the week…

k2012-wk31-01Unfortunately, Anton who runs the biggest fly fishing store in Moscow (FishBusiness) was unable to stop this one from getting away!

k2012-wk31-02The next day the good times returned for Anton on the lower Kharlovka.

By the way, later this same afternoon, Anton and his partner Andrey landed 30 sea trout as well!




In fact, Andrey never really stopped smiling the whole week.


Eric was on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling all the way from Canada to land many nice salmon and sea trout. Eric broke his P.B with this 25 pounder.




Our good friend Thomas, who has been here 8 times before seemed to find the fish when and where ever he went!



Vladimir and his other fishing son Ivan were also spotted flying around the ASR boundaries for a couple of days in search of sea trout – char and large tundra browns. We are pleased to report that there is a new place in the Kharlovka estuary called Ivan’s rock. One hour after the change of the low tide, Ivan’s rock is the 100% zone for sea trout coming up the river on the rising tide. It was from this rock where Ivan became a confident ‘professional’ caster! In addition to hauling in a couple other fat ones lower down by the sea, Ivan pulled in back to back to back sea trout up to 6 pounds from his new rock. Although his experienced father claims his 14 year old son (who is now by the way – addicted to fly fishing) is simply very lucky, Ivan went on to further impress the paparazzi with his 3 kilo brown that was cleverly taken on his new 5 weight rod with his trusty Chernobyl ant!




Despite the cold rainy conditions, our small team of friends had some fantastic sport with their light rods – landing a nice variety of northern fish along the way!