Kharlovka week 30 ending 22nd of July 2016

Posted on 28/07/2016

Last weeks group consisted of 12 Russian friends who all joined together with with brave Brit to make the week international and unforgettable. It should also be noted that 4 of our Russian friends were complete beginners, while another 4 were on their second trip ever. Nevertheless, despite the challenging warm conditions, our latest team bonded together to prove that fishing on the mighty Kharlovka is always enjoyable – landing nearly 100 salmon along the way.

It was another scorching hot week on the ASR! Despite being located some 500kms north of the Arctic Circle along the far coast of the Barents Sea, we survived one of the longest heat waves anyone on camp can remember. For the fourth week in a row, water temps were again near the 20C mark. More dry hot southern breezes also caused water levels to slowly recede down to -10cm on the Home pool scale.

“Luck loves beginners”. In fact, all our new anglers managed to land their first salmon ever by early week – with new P.B.’s and many celebratory toasts all around! I promised never to tell this story but on the second night Vitaliy came to dinner happy and smiling. “How are you? How was your fishing?” – I asked as usual. “Well, my dad caught a big fish and I kissed that fish for a good luck”- he took his phone and showed me a picture. “Did you know that fish is a boy?”- I asked. Vitaliy stopped smiling. “Are you sure?” – He asked. I smiled as an answer. Over the week Vitaliy wanted to learn everything possible about the salmon including how to understand if fish is a boy or girl, why 99% of grilse are male and 1000 other details. Well done!

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Vitaliy had a wonderful time fishing together with his father Vladimir. They finished the week with two personal bests: 18 (Vitaliy) and 10 (Vladimir) along with 9 other pleasing entries in the big Fishing book.

Our two other beginners Mikhail and Sergey were also successful in fishing. Neither the warm weather nor anything could else could really stop them from catching the fish. During the week these guys caught 9 fish, including their personal bests of 12 and 12 pounds.

Photo 4

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And if we weren’t already having enough fun – our special wishes go out Denis, Vladimir and Aleksandr again as each of them celebrated their Birthdays here with us during the week – Congrats from friends – drinks – and birthday cakes all included with the program! We are happy to mention that Denis caught the biggest fish of the week at 21 pounds. Unfortunately, good guide is not always a good photographer, so instead of 21 pounder we had to add some other good pictures ;)

photo 6

photo 7

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Honourable mention also goes out to Alex from the UK, who along with making the week international also landed more than his share of the fish. Having been thoroughly warned in advanced about the risk of big celebrations likely to occur on this week, Alex who was starting to speak and dream in Russian went on to land 13 salmon – warming up for his return visit later this fall on the 3 Rivers programme. Nastarovia!

Photo 9

It must also be mentioned that many Big salmon were hooked or touched and lost. This reminds us of the day our friend and group leader Maxim returned back to camp with a sun burned face and crazy eyes after fishing above the Kharlovka Falls going on to lose 4 salmon between 20 to 30 pounds. Thankfully he did manage to hold onto a 17 pounder that day for consolation. With the warm temperatures if was not surprisingly that the vast majority of the fish that did come to the net were bright silver grilse however thanks mainly to the Golden Killer fly – they had some big chances along with a concerning number of complete break offs!

Photo 10

Photo 11

And if you can’t beat them then join them! The warm days and insect activity made for some interesting trout fishing as well!

photo 12

Nothing good in life comes easy. Maybe thats why we all like salmon fishing so much. Last week was another battle again the fish and the conditions however we had a very jolly time and are looking forward to seeing all our friends back again for another round next season.


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