Kharlovka Fishing Week 30 – 2012

Posted on 27/07/2012


It has certainly been a magical ride this summer here on the Northern Rivers! Following several weeks of exciting shifts in the weather, including those epic rains to end the week before, the conditions seemed to have calmed back down now and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Fishing under mostly sunny skies with pleasant temperatures ranging from 13 to 25 degrees (and barely a single mozy to be seen), last week’s small, but lucky, team of three old English – Rynda veterans were joined by a couple of wide-eyed eager Americans and one clever young Fin who just could not get enough – somehow managing to persuade his father into letting him stay on for another week of fun under the arctic sun.


However, it appears we will have to be a bit more careful of what we wish for in the future as last week we received so much rain that for several days the rivers were flowing darkish with suspended particles of sediment and summer algae. Although the rivers did turn around and begin to fall and clear quite quickly, it did take several days for the fishing to really pick back up again. While it only took 24 hours for them to blow out, the rivers dropped steadily over the last seven days from a record summer reading of 47cm down to 12cm on the Kharlovka home pool scale.


After 4 seasons of training with their trusty Bruce and Walkers over on the Rynda, we were honoured that Sir Roddy and Iain elected to join this season on Kharlovka. Although they were once highly decorated officers in the royal navy, their guide Big Alex was definately in charge of this mission. Stiff arming them into places they never dreamed of going, this trio banged away through the week for 20 memorable salmon including a new 21 pound personal best for Iain that was most skillfully persuaded out of the challenging Reindeer rapids.

Our resident Kharlovka Doctor David returned again last week for his 8 visit back to camp to check up on our progress. Unfortunately, there may have been too much water available for the doc to fish last week and he will probably need another holiday to rest up from this one. While David did not come close to breaking his old P.B. both he and his new Finnish friend Henrik had a wonderful time walking the tundra together landing a few nice salmon up to 20 pounds along the way. Apparently the good doctor does not take photos any more unless they are new personal bests.

Our highlights included Mark and Scott from America who have fished many places around the world and finally decided to go a bit further a field this season to give Russia a try. Although it might have taken a couple of days to get organized, they were smiling in the end with their 19 salmon – each recording their new personal bests.


Fortunately, we are having one of those late summers with plenty of cool water and big silver opportunity and only a few fortunate friends who are here to enjoy the pristine beauty with the rivers basically all to themselves. Three of the six managed to get what they came for landing their new personal bests and many other small silver salmon in addition to a couple of refreshing swims along the way! The other three all had their chances and consequently will now be purchasing new rods, reels, and lines in addition to testing their loop to loop connections! before they return again next season for round II.

Including the 61 salmon that our 6 boys landed here last week, not to mention the unforgettable ones they lost, we were pleased to hear that the other eight gentlemen who were fortunate enough to be over on the Rynda had an outstanding result of 126 salmon to add to our combined total of 187 salmon for the 14 rods.


It is unbelievable however the Rynda is now going on late summer break? Don’t worry though as we have already received instructions from Vladimir to fly those lucky Kharlovka boys over to enjoy their rested waters for the last day or two of the week!