Kharlovka week 29 ending 17th of July 2015

Posted on 20/07/2015

Another week of perfect weather, loads of salmon, and a group full of 14 happy fishermen! Our latest group of lucky lads, along with Ingrid that lucky lady, arrived under encouragingly dark misty skies with a fresh air temperature of 8 degrees C.  In fact, the air temps ranged from 1 to 11C all week until the sun finally popped out on Friday. As a result, river temperatures remain unseasonably cool for July averaging 9 degrees C. There were also periods of light rain for the first several days. Water levels dropped slowly over the week from 12cm down to 9cm on the home pool scale.


Sitting down with attention to our initial camp brief, William declared early on “this could be one of those rare fishing trips when we should have been here this week!” And with that comment we were off and running. By Sunday dinner there were already 61 salmon in the book along with a couple of personal bests. Blessed with basically ideal conditions, the boys and lady went on to land a whopping 229 salmon on the week that included good numbers of bright silver fresh mid sized summer salmon between 12 and 16 pounds in addition to 9 good fish over 20 with 3 over 30 – the biggest being 36 pounds. With pleasant condition and solid results, this was an thoroughly enjoyable week spent amongst great friends both new and old. Congratulations to you all!


Honourable mention must go out to Christian for his opening Sunday performance on the Litza. It was not his first cast nor his first pass however after changing his fly (which he forgot the name of) on the second time down through the Upper Tent pool, Christian hooked and landed his first salmon ever of 30 pounds! Sorry mate however it will probably be all downhill from here until you return back next time for round II. A big Danke Shun goes out to all our Austrian friends who are slowly but surely taking over the camp. See you all back again soon for more white wine and crabs!





Andrey also deserves lots of credit for bringing his 15 year old son to the mighty Kharlovka who went on to land 10 nice fish on his ‘Sun Raise Shadow’ which included 3 personal bests of 16, 16.5, and 17 pounds!


Everything seemed to go right for the English side last week (both on the mighty Kharlovka and back in Lords) as William, who runs some of the best trout fishing back in England, along with his fishing partner in crime Richard both deserve honourable mention for averaging nearly 10 salmon a day finishing the week with 58 fish up to 23 pounds that were split basically even between them. Maybe next time they will bring a decent camera.


We must also thank Edgardo for travelling all the way from Brazil to join us on the Kharlovka for back to back weeks. While this wasn’t first trip to the far north it has certainly been one of his most successful so far pacing himself nicely through the first week for some 16 salmon with a new personal best of 16 pounds. Stay tuned for the Brazilian update again next week. We would also like to congratulate Rupert and his fishing mate Gordon who repeatedly said that he had had the best fishing day of his life. While Rupert did well, Gordon had many nice salmon in the middle teens, broke his personal best mid week with a pleasing 19 pounder and then went on to finish up on big fish Friday with a 30.6 pounder (no photo of big darky). Yep – see you all back again next year!



And then there was Mark who following several attempts elsewhere wisely decided to try his luck on the Kharlovka to break his 19 pound personal best. Thankfully the pressure to be off by Monday night after returning back with a lovely 17 and record breaking 22 pounder. Little did Mark know however this was just the beginning when two days later he landed another 22 pounder that would soon be following by another 21 pounder. Completely satisfied and exhausted by the Friday morning after telling his amazing story all week, on the final day just as the sun broke through Mark hooked into a beautifully fresh silver hen of 10 pounds. After sitting there on the rock reminiscing about his successes, Sasha, his trusted guide and new best friend, said that “You know there is probably a big lonely cock fish just waiting there and the best time to catch a big fish is right after you just landed one.” Mark wisely decided to take this advise and waded back into Julian’s pool for one last go. Next cast the line went very tight. Mark was nearly in tears when he returned back to the lodge on the final evening with the photos of his new personal best 36 pound hen fish.





Welcome to the Kharlovka big fish club – 35+ pounds! By the way, Sasha still could be right about everything as there probably still a huge cock fish there waiting for the right fly!


Good sizes salmon along with piles of grilse are still arriving on every tide. As long as the fishy weather holds on and we can keep our Sun Rays in the water, the stories along with memories will keep coming. Stay tuned!