Kharlovka week 29 ending 15th of July 2016

Posted on 20/07/2016

Number of Rods: 12.5 (Alex had to leave half way through the week)
Nationalities: Russian, British, Austrian, Swedish.
Number of fish: 138
Personal Bests: 2
Largest fish of the week: 2 fish (30 pounds each).

How many things in this world may unite people together and make them friends? Here on camp we know at least one and that is SALMON FISHING.

Last week the fishing united the British, Austrians, Russians and one Swedish guy. It was not an easy fishing week with more warm temps to 20+C in the water but it was a week full of laughs and crazy stories.

There were two personal bests during one week – same pool, same weight of the fish, two different anglers and two absolutely different stories. This rarely happens, but sometimes anything can happen here;)

The first memorable story came from Christer who had to come to our lodge together with his friend, but things happen and Christer ended up arriving alone. Don’t worry, nothing bad happened! So alone with his guide Jenya he started fishing from Litza. On the Dream pool Christer landed his first fish of the week (grilse). “Well, now we are ready for a bigger fish.”- said the guide. Every next fish that Christer landed was bigger than the previous. Finally, they reached the Ledge pool. Few casts after Christer landed 9 pounder. “Well, now we are ready for a bigger fish.”- said the guide. So Christer made few more casts and fish has pecked. It was a perfect 30 pounder. “Well, it will be difficult to beat that – at least today.”- said the guide when Christer landed the fish. Unfortunately no photo of the big one however thankfully one of the other guests managed to snap a photo of our viking friend.


That night Christer came back to the lodge. After telling the same story 3 times he added: “Lady Caroline is my new wife.” We all were looking at him with astonishment. “Who?”- they all asked. “Lady Caroline. The fly.”- Christer answered.

The second story is about Mark. Mark was fishing on the Ledge pool together with his friend Peter. After fishing half a day, they were ready to start lunch. “Ok. One more cast before lunch”-said Mark. One cast and Mark hooked the fish. The fight started. After 15 minutes, Peter started to scream from the other side of the river: “Leave it Mark. I’m hungry. I want my soup.” However, Mark knew it was a big fish, may be even the biggest fish of the week. He could not and did not want to lose that fish. “Soup is already cold”- Peter kept screaming. Neither Mark nor the fish were ready to give up. The fight was continuing 45 minutes before Mark could land the fish. What about Peter? He finally got his soup and landed nine fish.



The next story is about Rashid, his son Timur and Timur’s friend Mike. This story is a great example of continuance of traditions from father to son. This fishing on the ASR Rivers was not the first for Rashid and Timur. However, Mike came to our camp for the first time ever. During the week Timur and Mike landed 2 Personal bests and proved, that age has no affects on fishing results.





Honourable mention also goes out to our Austrian team including Ingrid, Jurgen, Christian and Manfred. Rare chance for us to greet woman in a company of anglers. Thank you for coming and fishing with ASR. You made this week special.




P7150109 2


Our special thanks also go to Paul and Rennie for making their contribution to this week. Along with catching some 30 salmon, they added some real British style in our crazy week. Next time more photos please.


Good fishing and great friends made for an enjoyable week. Looking forward to seeing you all again next season!