Kharlovka week 28 ending 10th of July 2015

Posted on 12/07/2015

When it comes to fishing for the big multi sea winter Atlantic salmon on the far northern coast, the weather conditions can most often be the deciding factor. Ever since that one inevitable high pressure cell that hit us back in late June bringing 4 long days of bright sunny conditions, we have basically enjoyed perfect fishing conditions ever since.


Last week our latest team of 14 guests from England, Ireland, Russia and Portugal arrived to the Kharlovka camp under dark cloudy misty skies. In addition, we were also blessed with steady air and water temps again that both continued to remain steady for the duration near 10C. River levels are also holding on nicely as well dropping a mere 3cm over the week with a current reading of 13cm on the home pool scale. Although there was some strong winds coming off the Barents sea early on, and even a broken rod or two, it was pretty much smooth sailing for the rest of the week.


With 51 salmon landed during the first day and a half before Sunday dinner, it seemed pretty obvious when we saw the fishy weather forecast that we would be in for another outstanding week.  After it was all said and done yet before the final toasts and ching – ching of the glasses, the boys had broken 8 personal bests with 20 good salmon over 20 pounds including 3 more this week over 30 pounds for a final tally of 211 salmon on the week. Honourable mentions this week go out to Alexander for upping his PB to 27 pounds in Rock pool that was followed the next day by bright fresh 20 pounder from the lower canyon.



Congratulations to Nick and Matthew on their 23 and 19 pound PB’s and also to their mate Alex who all claimed this to be the best salmon week ever and vowed to return next year with a bunch of their family and friends.


And then their was Michael who started his week off right with a 32 pounder from the legendary Flat Stone pool. A couple of days later Michael and his fishing partner Michael combined for 18 salmon on their Litza overnight that included a most satisfying 22 pounder that attacked the Sun Ray. Mikael also had this beautiful 23 pound ‘bar of silver’ with sea liced out of the Cliff pool.



Howard and Phil also deserve credit for having the best fishing day of their lives landing 16 salmon on their Litza overnight that included 5 good fish over 20 along with a solid 33 pound personal best for Howard off the Military pool.





Our Russian friends also did well last week all landing fish over 20 pounds. Thankfully Sergey managed to snap a couple of good photos of his 23 pounder brace. We also managed to get the photo of Ivan’s 23 pounder before it leapt back into the river. Ivan went onto land 7 good salmon that memorable days up at the Litza falls.




Special thanks also goes out to Steve for brightening up camp with his glorious rags and outrageous non stop sense of humour – WOW! After warming up the first 2 days Steve went on to have the best salmon fishing trip of his life – starting with the 6 salmon he landed on the upper Litza that included his record breaking 30 pounder in addition to a lovely brace of 18ers the same day. The following day Steve returned stuttering with that 1000 yard stare after going 25 minutes with a 40+ pound giant before breaking it off on a rock only meters from the bank. We agreed that it was better to have felt it, seen it, loved it and lost it – than to have never hooked the big bugger at all;) A big special thanks also goes out to Justin MS for being their with the camera for Steve and also for providing the group with those deadly V Fish Salar flies!




Despite the unseasonably cool temperatures, we are still fishing mostly floating lines – occasionally switching over to light sink tips for another pass through the deeper zones. Small flies and tubes continue to be most affective especially Vladimir’s special V Fish fly, Golden Killers – Willie Gunns, Sun rays, Posh Toshes, and Red butts. There are still good numbers of large bright fresh salmon along with plenty of grilse now pouring into the system. As long as the cool mild weather continues to hold on, we should be in for another wild ride again next week!