Kharlovka week 27 ending 6th of july 2018

Posted on 16/07/2018

Fantastic fishing results on the ASR!

Last week 10 guests from USA, Norway and Russia enjoyed wonderful conditions most of the week combining for a total of 212 salmon including 5 new personal bests. The largest fish of the week were 36.4 (Vladimir Sr.) – 33 (Vladimir Jr.) – 29 (Dmitrijs) – 28 pounds (Sergey) – 27 (Vladimir Jr.) Most productive flies were Sun Rays, Golden Killers, Spartak, AFF (Alexander’s First Fly), and Green McNaes..

0.5 Surface Action!

Conditions started out nearly perfect with cloudy skies and a water temp of 11.8C. The action slowed a bit on the Tuesday when the sun popped out and air temps shot up to 30C. Thankfully the clouds and cooler temps returned for the second half the week with water temps cooling back down to 12.5C by the final day. Water levels dropped from 26cm to 11cm on the Home pool scale.

1 Kharlovka Home Pool

Highlights were Big silver and plentiful last week!

Vadim got the party started with a nice 22 pounder off the Lower Canyon on a hitched Sun Ray Shadow. The next day he lost a 30 min battle at the Kharlovka Falls with a monster that ended up breaking his rod. Nevertheless the whole team had exciting fishing landing 57 salmon during the opening weekend with loads of surface action.

2 Vadim 22 pounder Lower Canyon Kharlovka

3 Big fish lost at the Kharlovka Falls

Monsters prefer dark rainy days! Dmitrijs improved his PB twice on the week – including this nice 29 pounder from the Litza Flat Stone. He also had a 28 – 24 and 21 pounders on the Litza!

4 Dmitrijs with PB 29 pounder from Litza Flat Stone

You never know what could be lurking around in the Kharlovka Home pool after dark! It took Stephan more than an hour and a good swim (hair wet!) before finally landing this perfect 20 pounder..

5 Stephan 20 pounder in the Kharlovka Home pool

Sergey with a 28 pound monster in the Military pool.

6 Sergey with a solid 28 pounder from Military on the Litza

Alexey teamed up with Boy the camp dog on the lower Kharlovka for a nice salmon just as the paparazzi showed up.


And always a pleasure to see Big Fish Bruce back on camp with his single hand rod and grease liner!

7 Big Fish Bruce!

Fly Fish Russia! The main men from Simms and Fly Fish Europe – KC and Jarle were with us on the mighty Kharlovka. KC started the week off right with a 20 pounder from the Home pool only hours after arriving and Jarle enjoyed skating his Sun Ray all week going on to break his PB with a fine 26 pounder from the Reindeer pool on the Litza.

8 Jarle release


It was a Big fish week for Vladimir Jr. as well who in addition to landing 9 salmon in a row one memorable morning on the Litza Falls all on his Golden Killer – also released 27 and 33 pounders during the week.

10 - 27 pounder from Guys pool on the Kharlovka

11 - Satisfaction!

Following 10 years of dedicated leadership and support, we would like to thank and congratulate Vladimir who was finally presented with his ASR Veteran ring! In addition, after landing multiple 32-34 pounders over recent seasons, Vladimir is also the newest member of the Kharlovka Big Fish club following the release of this 36.4 pounder back into the Dream Pool on the middle Litza! This impressive salmon was hooked on a special fly that his young son Alexander used the day before to catch his first salmon ever.
The fly is now called the AFF – Alexander’s First Fish fly.

12 - Vladimir with his PB 36.4 pounder from Litza Dream

13 - Vladimir Big Fish Dream Pool

14 - Huge Salmon Tail - like a shovel

15 - ASR Veteran!

16 -Celebration with family and friends

17 - The Rings

Good fishing and great friends = another unforgettable week on the ASR!
Team Kharlovka

18 - Go Team Kharlovka!