Kharlovka week 27 ending 5th of july 2019

Posted on 19/07/2019

Number of Rods: 10
Nationalities: Russian
Number of salmon: 151
Best Salmon: 16 over 20 pounds
There were 4 personal bests:
Pavel – 19lbs
Eugeny – 24lbs – first ever fish on fly!
Sergey Balan – 26lbs
Sergey Boldyrev – 26 lbs
The biggest fish of the week is 27-pounder landed by Vladimir Snr on Litza’s Classic Pool.

Unfortunately our regularly scheduled foreign guests were not allowed to join us this week due to ongoing military restrictions within the restricted zone of the Northern Kola Peninsula during this week.

Nevertheless the Kharlovka staff were pleased to see a smaller group of Russian friends arrive to camp under partly cloudy skies and perfect river conditions with a water temp of 10.6C and a level of 32cm on the home pool scale.


2 salmon release

Temps remained mild through the week with some morning fog and air temps rising to around 10C with the water staying near 11C – while the rivers dropped slowly 11cm during the week down to 21cm on the Home pool scale. Top flies were Sun Rays, Willie Gunns, Green Butts, Samurai, Cascades, and Snaeldas.


3 Sun Rays

Highlights from a few of the guests that managed to pause for the camera included:

Our new friend Pavel had a wonderful adventure catching his first 13 salmon ever with a 19 pounder for his new PB.

4 Pavel - 15 lbs - Kharlovka Falls

5 Pavel - 19lbs - Julians

Eugeny was also on a steep learning curve catching his first salmon ever on fly including a new PB 24 pounder.

6 Eugeny - 24lbs - Flat Stone

Alex from Farlows St. Pete with 13 salmon including a 24 pounder from the Litza Tent.

7 Alex casting Lower canyon

8 Alex - 22lbs - Barrel

9 Jenya weights 22lbs

Vladimir landed 18 salmon including the largest of the week at 27 pounds from the Litza Tent pool.

11 Vladimir Team Kharlovka

Vladimir Jr. was top rod with 33 salmon including a couple of 25.5 and 24 pounders.

12 spey casting on the Litza

12.5 Litza Tent JR

While we greatly missed our foreign guests again, it turned out to be another exciting week for a small group of new friends and camp staff alike.

Team Kharlovka

13 Reindeer on the tundra

14 resting by Guys pool on upper Kharlovka