Kharlovka week 27 ending 4th of July 2014

Posted on 06/07/2014

Fantastic week! Last Saturday under dark wet and windy skies, Vladimir and Bruce set the tone by landing a nice brace of 30 and 32 pounders. Not long after the big helicopter touched down on the Kharlovka pad with six more of Vladimir’s family and friends. While we were expecting a limited group of 12 rods, it was not all that surprising when several of the other high level ministers and businessmen were called away at the last moment and were unable to attend our special gathering.


After weeks of cold rainy conditions, the sun finally popped out last Sunday which led to a brief spell of summer with warmer air temps up to 15C. Bright blue skies brought the river temps up to a fishy 10C however fresh breezes persisted from the north along with wall of fog that blanketed the sea.


By Wednesday, the air temps were back down into the single digits, that consistent drizzle had returned along with gusty winds that would challenge us for the remainder of the week.


Обалдеть – translated is Amazing! The famous last word spoken by Russia’s top sports minister before having to return back to headquarters about half way through the week. Here on a well deserved fishing adventure following the organizing of the exciting winter olympics last winter in Soche, Leonid gladly accepted our invitiation to join us on the mighty Kharlovka.  After excelling his way through a couple days of arctic spey casting lessons, we are proud to report that our great friend flew away with a big smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye after landing several nice salmon that included his new P.B. 30 pounder. Thankfully his fishing partner Vladimir Jr. was there to snap the latest cover shot.



In fact, there were plenty of smiles to go around last week as all of Vladimir’s friends will be returning home with a disk full of big fish photos and stories to tell. The father son team of Ivan and Prokhor worked well together learning a few new tricks along the way from Big Alex and Artur. Back again for their second season in a row, their experience and team work obviously paid off leading them to 19 good sized salmon that included a new 22 pound P.B. for young Prokhor. We are expecting both our friends back again for round III next year.



The same was true for Sergey who had twice the confidence and distance on his spey cast this year leading him into eight good fish up to his new 22 pound personal best.


Clearly Vladimir Vasiliv and Oleg were not waisting time either going onto land eight great salmon on their Willy Gunns up at the Litza Falls. V and O backed that impressive performance up by returning home to the Kharlovka with their boxes full of Willys to each find their new P.B.s – 27 and 28 pounders. By the end, V and O had landed an impressive 37 salmon on the week.



Big fish Bruce also deserves a second mention for landing his new P.B 32 pounder in addition to out fishing me that fine sunny day on the Litza landing another half dozen, before going on to find eight more good salmon on the upper Kharlovka – and all with his single hand rod along with his deadly hand tied McNae Sun Ray variants. After spending the last two weeks with us on the Northern Rivers, Big B who will be 71 soon commented “The more I am here, the stronger I feel. Now I am ready to take on anything.”


We would also like to congratulate Vladimir for having one of his best salmon fishing days ever on Friday landing 12 salmon to 20 pounds working his way down through Kharlovka Falls – opening up the Birch Bank and Guys pools. The vast majority were landed on a Green McNae. In addition to leading the way last week, Vladimir is now a member of our new ASR big fish club by landing an incredible 30 salmon up to 30 pounds on the week!



Vladimir Jr. also deserves another honourable mention for opening the Litza falls this year, crawling down the steep right bank to pull out three nice salmon in the mid to upper teens in addition to a great 22 pounder further down river in the Dream pool. Then on the final day, Vladimir Jr. wisely decided to join his farther up at the Kharlovka Falls landing six more great salmon that included his new P.B – 36 pounder!


Considering the wet windy conditions and the limited number of eight rods enjoying the Northern Rivers here with us last week, we were very pleased with our final tally of 146 salmon. In addition to adding four more solid 30+ pounders to the book, nearly everyone on the team found at least one good fish of 20+ pounds. This season it doesn’t really seem to matter what the weatherman is predicting as rain or shine, the salmon are certainly back in numbers. We are just starting to move onto floating lines and hitched sun ray shadows. Stay tuned – as the next couple of weeks are going to be a whole lot of fun!