Kharlovka week 27 ending 3rd of July 2015

Posted on 07/07/2015

Another action packed week up here on the mighty Kharlovka! It was obvious from the very beginning when 11 of Vladimir’s family and friends (along with our pal big fish Bruce) all piled off the big helicopter that we would definitely be in for an unforgettable week. With a diverse mix of skills, abilities and expectations – ranging from Ivan and Alexandra’s exciting first salmon ever, to Ildar and Alexey improving on their personal bests, to the giant salmon that almost took Bruce and his single hand rod back to sea, to Vladimir Sr. and Jr. the passionate river keepers along with the rest of the characters – this was certainly one of those high energy weeks where the statistics, nor I, can tell even half of the story.


Although we started out with some strong breezes, along with scrolling puffy clouds that were followed along by spells of bright sunshine, as the week progressed the winds began to subside and the skies darken, bringing the odd crack of thunder along with some rain showers through the last couple days of the week. Both the air and river temperatures remained perfectly mild for this time of the season averaging 12C for the week. Meanwhile the river level slowly dropped away from 22cm down to 11cm before rising back up through the final night to 16cm on the home pool scale.


While is was a bit wet and windy at times, we really can’t complain about the overall weather conditions last week. Considering all the laughs and good times socialising back in the lodge, the team did exceptionally well to land 150 salmon on the week. Vladimir Jr. started the party off right landing this 24 pounder out of Mark’s pocket. Unfortunately an even bigger fish managed to straighten his hook before escaping down the rapids. Although he forgot his camera, Vladimir’s brother Ivan also desires credit for landing his first 5 salmon ever that included a brace of personal bests – 15 pounders out of the home pool.



Our new friends Ildar and Alexey also deserve special mention for breaking their personal bests. See you both again next year!



An well done to Oleg for snapping a couple good photos of his 17 and 21 pounders. By the way, scale samples later confirmed that this lovely 17 pound hen was returning back for her second time to spawn.



Congratulations to Alexandra for showing the boys how it is done! This young lady managed to catch her first 6 salmon ever that included this photo of her first 17 pounder that was followed later in the week with back to back 24 and 26 pounders out of the Ledge pool – outstanding!




Honourable mention also goes out to Yuri and for his passion for the sport as publisher of the Russian fly fishing magazine, care taker of the sweet little Beliosia river, along with a big time supporter of the ASR. Not surprisingly, Yuri managed to find the fish where ever he went going onto land 22 salmon including a couple over 20 on the week.


However, when referring to having a passion for salmon, there is nobody quite like Vladimir! Armed with boxes of his secret flies tied by the masters around the world, along with an ever greater confidence and improved knowledge about every pool in the river, along with his ‘never give up’ attitude, Vladimir led the way again last week going onto land 26 salmon including the fish on the week at 31 and 28 pounds.



Floating lines with Sun ray shadows, willie gunns and golden killers did most of the damage again last week. It can be said though there were certainly many more fish hooked than actually made it to the nets. Nevertheless, the boys and the lady all managed to make up for any loses on the rivers with their nightly saunas, some epic socialising along with countless toasts back in the lodge. “Fishing is about pleasure!” The Russians proclaimed. “There is no rush to do anything. You must make the most of every precious summer day.” The salmon are still pouring into rivers. As long as the weather remains mild, we are predicting some big numbers again for next week.