Kharlovka week 26 ending 28th of june 2019

Posted on 07/07/2019

Number of Rods: 9
Nationalities: Russian
Number of salmon: 115
Best Salmon: 24 over 20 pounds (20% of the salmon) with 2 over 30 pounds
There were 6 personal bests:
Young Alex – 16lbs in Home pool
Vladimir Jr. – 36.3lbs in the Tent pool
Sergey – 32lbs in Tent pool
Max – 20lbs in Julians
Ivan – 24lbs in Upper Dream
Elena – 24lbs Lower Tent Litza
The biggest fish of the week was 36.3, 32, 29.5, 29 pounds

We apologise that we have not been able to publish the weekly web reports as normal so far this season however unfortunately the military closed the ASR camps to all foreign guests for weeks 25 – 30 from 15 June – 27 July.

As a result, the Rynda and Zolotaya rivers have been rested through the cancelled weeks with senior Rynda guides being invited over to the Kharlovka to help lead a group of Vladimir’s resident friends who received last minute fishing invitations – some of which flew in for the unexpected opportunity from other Kola rivers.

The last minute guest list for week 26 included Vladimir’s family (little Alex who is 9, Svetlana, Vladimir Junior and Elena) along with 4 more family friends including Max, Alexey and his friend Sergey with his son Ivan (who is just learning how to cast now). Family and friends coming together made for an enjoyable atmosphere on camp as well as along the riversides through the week.



The opening Saturday was cold with morning air temp of 4.7C. There were only 7 salmon caught on the day but several memories that would last a lifetime. It was a fantastic day for Vladimir’s family: little Alex caught his new PB on the Home Pool – a fat 16 pounder with Igor (the guide) claiming that it was all Alex’s fair work.

2-Alex-16- Home pool

2.5 Sasha Kharlovka falls

Back at the lodge, proud Svetlana was sure that young Alex’s fish would be the highlight of the day before she learned of Junior’s results over on the Litza.

2.7 Svetlana Litza Falls

Vladimir Junior and Elena were fishing on the Tent Pool with the guide Dima. At first Junior landed the 29.5 pounder on the Upper Tent pool and then wondered down and crossed over to the other side of the Tent pool to wrestle with a mighty 36.3 pounder. Jr. confirmed that this fat salmon was bigger than his previous 36-pounder from Kharlovka 4 years ago so claiming the monster for his new PB and the biggest fish landed so far this season! Jr. did not receive the ring because he already earned one before:) Dima the guide (and top Kola fish scientist) reported that actually the biggest fish of the day was lost – estimating it to be about 40 pounds. Elena was fishing with fly rod for the first time ever and did hook a couple of 20+ pounders – she just didn’t manage to land them. So looks like the Litza is full of monsters!

3 Junior - 29.5

4 Junior - 36.3

The conditions were cold early week with temps in the low single digits however by Tuesday the air warmed into the low teens. Water temps rose up slowly from 7.3 to 9.5C on the final day. There was also some rain shower during the week which brought the rivers up 6cm during the week to a last day reading of 34cm on the Home pool scale.

5 upper kharlovka


The family team of Sergey and his son Ivan a unforgettable fishing day early week on the Tent Pool where Ivan caught 2 including his new personal best of 19 pounds. Ivan went on to improve his PB again up to 24 pounds.

6 Ivan - 19lbs - Tent Pool


7.5 casting with big Alex

Sergey also updated his PB by landing 32-pounder on the same pool. In total they had 9 fish for the day. Also said they saw reindeer and 3 bears from the helicopter on the way back to the camp and claimed it was the one of the most memorable days ever on the Kharlovka.

8 Sergey - 32lbs - Tent Pool

Dima the guide and the scientist was giving a lecture yesterday before the dinner about salmon’s life circle.

9 Dima's lecture

Whale bones retrieved from the beach near the Kharlovka estuary – looks impressive!

10 whale's backbone

Alexey did well to find this 21 pounder on his sinking line at the Flat Stone.

10.5 Alexey Flat Stone


Max also updated his personal best and got a good-looking 18-pounder on Litza Falls along with some other 3 nice fish. Then later in the week increased his PB again up to 20 pounds however by the time they landed it the camera was too far away.

13 Max - 18lbs - Falls - NEW BP

13 Max litza falls

13.5 Max

Elena who had never fly fished before managed to improve her personal best several times on the week ending up with a new record of 24 pounds from the Litza Tent pool. They didn’t manage to take picture of this one but managed to get a shot of a 22-pounder that she landed earlier in the day at the Tent Pool.

11 Elena-22lbs - Tent Pool

12 Elena and Junior

Vladimir showed his experience through the week with 20 salmon including this 22 pounder from the upper Kharlovka.

12.5 Vladimir upper Kharlovka

While we have greatly missed our regularly schedule guests this season, Vladimir’s family and close friends came together for an enjoyable week with 115 memorable salmon for the 9 rods.

We look forward to having you all back on camp again as soon as possible.
Team Kharlovka