Kharlovka week 26 ending 26th of June 2015

Posted on 29/06/2015

Interesting week of challenging conditions, great surface action, and long time friends.


Last weeks group consisted of 4 veterans, 5 regulars, 2 new friends, along with 3 successful Russian businessmen who stayed on camp through the opening weekend before getting an early call to return back to the office. Unfortunately, the team arrived to the Kharlovka camp last Saturday under bright sunny skies and warm temps into the high teens which turned out to be the first high pressure system of the season. Following three weeks of cool, cloudy, rainy, fishy conditions, last week the boys endured the first 4 days without a cloud in the polar sky. Although temperatures continued to warm through the week into the low 20′s, we were glad to see some dark clouds finally roll back for the last couple days of the week. Water temps started out at 9.6C and finished the week at 14.6C while the water level dropped away from 43cm down to a 25cm on the home pool scale.


Nevertheless, we had plenty of fun in the sun with our floating lines and hitched flies. The team all reported good numbers of salmon rising up, swirling, and chasing the fly however while there was plenty of action, the majority of the salmon were coming short with the bright conditions, with few staying on long enough to make it all the way to the net. Considering the reduced number of rods, and all the sun tans, we did well to land 100 salmon on the week.

Honorable mention goes out to Big fish Matt who, no matter the conditions, seems to find the 30 pounders every season. Matt also finished well on the dark Friday pulling in 5 nice salmon off the lower Litza of 28, 23, 17, 17, 12 pounds.


And then there was Vladimir, who did consistently well straight through the week with his secret single hook patterns going to land 19 salmon on the week.


Congratulations also goes out to Sergey for landing his new 23 pound personal best. Previously fishing many of the top lodges around the world, Sergey stood to lead a toast on the final evening proclaiming the mighty Kharlovka camp as his new favourite.


Let’s not forget about our new Scottish friend Jamie who entertained us all with humour and good sprit right to the very end – landing his new personal best of 21 pounds along the way.


Special mention also goes out to the Veterans – Gerald (13 years), David (14), Stewart (14) and Sugai (18 – many years for 2-3 weeks!) – while David forgot his camera and Sugai is guarding all his shots for his next big book (following his recently publication of Salmon Dance), all the Veterans managed to land at least one 20+ pounder on the week.




As we all know by now, no matter how unpredictable conditions may be up here, the mighty Kharlovka always has a great time. With cooling temperatures, dark cloudy skies on the northern horizon, and plenty of bright silver splashing about – we are looking forward to another great week here in paradise.