Kharlovka week 26 ending 24th of June 2016

Posted on 28/06/2016

It was another fantastic week here in paradise!


Last week we had it all from bright sun and warm temps of 20+C on the first weekend to cool gusts from the north dropping the temps back down into the single digits with fog and rain – then back to perfect partly cloudy skies to finish things off. Despite the inconsistent weather being all over the place again, it didn’t really matter much as the salmon seem to be splashing about everywhere this season.

There were 9 guests here last week including 5 Kharlovka veterans who each had between 14-18 years here on camp with an incredible combined total of 105 weeks between the lot. In fact, Sugai has fished a staggering total of 34 weeks here over 18 years and was one of the very first lucky guests to open the camp way back in 1992. Sugai recently published his amazing Salmon Dance book and while he definitely catches plenty of silver, he seems to be saving all his best shots for his next masterpiece.


Mr. M from Moscow is certainly very serious and passionate about his fishing however finding the free time to get away from the big city seems to be his biggest challenge. Calling ahead each season to reserve 4 primetime rods for himself and possibly his 2 sons, Mr. M unfortunately got called back to the office after only 6 hours of fishing on the very first night.

Honourable mention goes out to everyone else who was here with us last week for the umpteen time! All the boys had a wonderful time and did extremely well to catch 140 salmon of which a record 90+% were landed on Sun Ray Shadows – many many many of them were hitched!


Always nice to see our great friends David, Gerald, Jeremy (no photo) back again for some much needed tundra therapy away from the big city.



Stewart and Nick enjoyed the long picnic lunches and needed nightly massages to relieve the stress and tension from all the fish they were hauling in.




Special thank to our good friend John from the USA who was back again this year for round II. After landing many nice salmon in the mid teens and losing a couple monsters, in addition to the fact he speaks russian and japanese, we have a feeling John is already dreaming about round III.


Having fished 19 weeks with nearly all the guides between the two camps over the last 8 years, the big boss Vladimir has definitely learned a trick or two. Now able to read the water like the back of his hand, Vladimir led the way with his secret array of Sun Ray variants landing 26 salmon on the week including this fat 27 pounder from the Home pool that simply would not pose for the paparazzi!





And last but not least there was Big fish Matt with the kun fuu grip – who is not a Kharlovka veteran yet, with only 8 years on the trot – he landed 19 salmon including a few of the best fish of the week at 26 – 36 and 37.5 pounds. Welcome to the Kharlovka big fish club!




They are forecasting bright sun and warm temps for the next week. Stay tuned for we have an endless supply of greased Bombers and Sun Rays on stock in the Kharlovka Farlows shop.