Kharlovka week 25 ending Friday 23 June 2017

Posted on 26/06/2017

With water levels peaking back on their opening day at a massive 149cm which is about a meter higher than normal for this time of year, the group stared out the windows in amazement at the swollen rivers below and pondered their chances upon arrival -’like finding a needle in a haystack’. Thankfully – while there must have been a few monsters swimming up the thick currents in the middle, there turned out to be plenty of big silver lining the banks of the lower rivers. Considering the boys were fishing in exceptional conditions that nobody had ever seen before including water temps that only warmed up slightly to 3.4C on the final day – last week was outstanding from start to finish.


The more you fish – the better you understand them. Not surprisingly, it was Vladimir who set the early tone on the opening weekend deciding to go deep with his sinking lines and secret flies resulting in 6 great salmon ranging from 16, 16, 20, 23, 25, and the fish of the week at 33 pounds.



And then there was the successful father – son story of Kevin and Andrew who had the fishing trip of a lifetime breaking their P.B.’s – X2 during the first 2 days with big bright silver 22 – 25 – 25 and 27.5 pounders. During the week they bonded sharing 23 unforgettable salmon with 7 over 20 pounds.




Special thanks to our other veteran father – and son group of Simon and Jack who also had a great time along with a outstanding snap of Jack’s 30 pounder from the Long pool on the lower Kharlovka.



Other highlights have to include Roy and his fishing mate John who landed multiple great fish – along with couple of solid 27 and 31 pounders for John as well as brace of 20+ers for Roy. The short iphone video clip was admired by 12K fans over the weekend.



Wednesday was cold, windy and grey with air temps to 4C. After losing battles with a couple of giants in the morning – Gerald finally brought his new P.B. – bright silver 31 pound beauty to the net just before it started to snow. “What a lovely day!”



And if you have not been following us during the week on our Atlantic Salmon Reserve facebook page – then Congrats again to our good friend Matthew who cradled his new P.B. – 28 pounder like a big silver baby before kissing it good bye on the lower Kharlovka. And Happy Birthday Day from the ASR team to Matthew’s understanding wife back home! – from Russia with love!


It’s always a great pleasure to see our good friends Karl – Ken and Sugai San who was back again on his second week! Big Alex and Kolya – Volodya are looking forward to seeing you back as usual again next year.


All and all – the boys had a truly unforgettable time tallying up 112 good spring salmon along the way – which should be enough to keeping them all dreaming until next year.

Thanks for the memorable week!
Team Kharlovka