Kharlovka week 25 ending 19th of June 2015

Posted on 21/06/2015

Another fantastic week of great friends, mild weather and good sized salmon here on the Kharlovka camp!

Last Saturday the big helicopter touched down with our latest team of international guests from England, Scotland, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Austria, Canada and Russia. While we started out with bright sunny skies and warm temps into the middle teens, the team did well to land 25 salmon by Sunday dinner including 6 over 20 pounds. That night we took pride in presenting our Scottish Veterans – Jamie (16 years on Kharlovka), Alan (12 years) and Alex (12 years) with their unique silver rings. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and commitment over years!


By Monday dark clouds began to appear, temperatures dropped back down into the single digits, followed by light rain and drizzle. With the exception of the strong upstream winds on Wednesday, the fishing conditions were favourable for the majority of the week. River temps remained consistent for the duration ranging between 8.9C and 9.8C. Water levels started out at 47cm and then after dropping down about 7cm over the first couple of days, the rivers were slowly on the rise through the last half of the week to finish with a reading 44cm on the home pool scale.


Our old friend Oli was finally back with us again on the Kharlovka after being one of the original guests way back in the early 90′s. Quickly refreshing his memory, Oli started off with a bright fresh 23 pounder off the lower Litza. Meanwhile his partner, fast Ed did well to land his new personal best of 24 pounds. Although he forgot his camera, we managed to snap of photo of him taking a much needed break along the bank.



And then there was Steve from America who managed to pull in his first 7 salmon ever including this cracking 20 pounder that was hooked in the Litza tent pool and eventually landed several 100 meters below down the rapids in Mirror. Honourable mention also goes out to our buddy Justin who worked hard to get Steve spey casting like a champion.


Congratulations also goes out to our crazy Swiss friends Ulrich and Thomas who laughed the week away going onto land several nice salmon between 18 and 24 pounds.


Johannes had another outstanding week that included the back to back to back salmon he had in less than 40 minutes hitching across the tail of the Upper canyon. Our German friend went on to land 22 salmon on the week. Also a pleasure to meet Gerald from Austria who landed a dozen bright fresh salmon in the middle teens.


And last but never least, there were the 3 Scottish Veterans who certainly seemed to have learned a trick or two over their combined 30 years on camp. In fact Jamie and Alan teamed up for 34 salmon of which 11 of them were between 18 and 24 pounds.


Alex also showed off his skills last week as well landing 12 good fish that included a 24 and a personal best 31 pounder that unforgettable grey day up at the Litza Falls.


Considering all the laughs and late night socialising, the boys did exceptionally well to land 150 salmon on the week including 24 good fish over 20lbs. with another 16 salmon of 18 – 19 pounds. Again fishing tactics included everything in the book from deep water expresses and big baldy flies right the way through to skated sunrays on the top.

Although they are predicting bright sun, warming temperatures and high pressure to follow, we have good reason to be optimistic for every precious day to come.