Rynda week 25 ending 17th of June 2016

Posted on 22/06/2016


With the droning sound of the MI 8 approaching over the tundra we say goodbye to yet another group at Rynda. It’s always great to have return guest as they have already identified this as a special camp and a deeper sense of appreciation is evident. What better way to say goodbye to the tundra with 1000’s of Reindeer surrounding camp.

We have fond memories of some great fish caught this week. Peter managing to repeat history by getting yet another 20Lb fish on the dancing platform while Brian was keeping himself busy with a 19lb fish.


We were delighted to welcome David to the camp for he was going to do an article for Country Life magazine.


David got a first hand experience of this incredible fishery landing a couple of really nice fish, one worth mentioning was a fresh sealiced fish of 17lb from Home pool. We even had some visitors in the form of two bears across the river from camp one evening which is always a great sight.

The weather this week has been somewhat all over the place with bright sunny days as well is windy cold days. The spirits was high throughout the week and it was a very pleasant atmosphere at camp.



Timo managed to land the biggest fish of the week a strong fish of 22lb, unfortunately the weather conditions wasn’t favorable for the camera but the memory will last forever.


The water level is now 1.22cm, which is still fairly high for this time of the season. With water temperature rising to a very comfortable 11degrees we are expecting more fish having a look at Hitched flies during next week.



Although the falls are still raging and strong, we have been catching fish consistently above the falls.  All in all a fantastic week once again in the very special tundra.

 From all of us at Rynda thanks for a great week.