Kharlovka week 25 ending 17th of June 2016

Posted on 23/06/2016

It seemed pretty obvious from the moment Jamie paraded off the helicopter in his kilt followed by the rest of team Scotland along with our friends from New Zealand, America, Japan, Austria and England – that we would be in for another actioned packed week with all the silver bells and whistles. The team arrived to bright sunny skies and mild temps in the mid teens over the first weekend before the wind, rain and fog settled in delaying Litza flights on Monday morning. Then by Wednesday the storm had cleared with rising temps to 20C and mostly sunny skies through the remainder of the week. We finished off with water temps of 14C and good water levels of 37cm on the home pool scale.

Kharlovka SalmonKharlovka 1; Alan's Salmon Home Pool 11

The variable weather conditions forced the boys to be creative and to pull out all the tricks from heavy sinking lines with flashy big baldies and Jock Scotts to floating shooting heads with hitched sun ray shadows. Although the warm sunny days made the going challenging, the team did exceptionally well again to land a total of 184 salmon that included 23 over 20 pounds with the largest being 33 and 29.5 pounds.

Again the entire team deserved credit for sharing the total catch more or less evenly between the 14 rods. There were 6 personal bests that included the first salmon ever for Michael and Mark in addition to this whopping 33 pounder for Paddy that more than doubled his previous P.B. landed the day before.


And joining Paddy, our good friend Simon was back again for the 12th year to receive his ASR veteran ring. In addition to landing many nice salmon to 25 pounds, we also managed to extract a Golden Killer that had completely pierced his ear. His fishing partner Simon also managed to landed a dozen salmon to 25.5 pounds. Apparently veterans only pull out the camera for serious fish over 30 pounds.

54. Demi Helps Simon Cross the Eastern Litza Russia

Despite losing a couple of really big salmon, Gerald had a wonderful week catching salmon everyday with his special 12cm Black Samari including several 20+ pounders.



Chris and Ben who were on their first trip to Russia from the USA did exceptionally well learning how to cast double handed rods within hours, going to landed 32 salmon that included 5 over 20 pounds.


Ben CastingKharlovka River Russia

28. Ben East Litza Falls 1 Kharlovka River Russia

After travelling half way around the world from New Zealand, it is always a pleasure to see Philip back on camp.


And Ken just couldn’t stop smiling until we loaded him on the final helicopter vowing to be back again for round II.


Also great to see Karl back again who after seven years on the mighty Kharlovka seems to have learned a trick or 2 landing 22 salmon on the week including this big fat honest 29.5 pounder from the Litza Snowbank.


Special thanks to team Scotland for all the laughs, tom foolery and great stories. In addition to bringing the Lock Ness monster hat which was proudly passed around and wore every night to celebrate the big fish of the day, Team Scotland also improved international relations by honouring Volodya with his very own kilt, black collared shirt, tartan stockings, and sporran with silver chain. We are already looking forward to seeing the entire clan back again next season when Jamie offered to do the wake-up rounds in full highland dress playing the Kharlovka anthem on a new set of bagpipes.

180. Team MacGregor!  Kola, Jamie and Alan, Kharlovka River, Russia

81. Jamie Checks Out Volodya's KitKharlovka River Russia

See you all again next year!