Kharlovka week 24 ending Friday 16 June 2017

Posted on 20/06/2017

Looking back we can say that the cold conditions through the end of May has delayed the big spring thaw on the north coast by about 2-3 weeks this season. With rising water levels and plenty of snow – ice still along the banks, we decided early on to limit last week’s group of fishing warriors to 8 guests with 6 veteran guides to lead the way. This was the first trip to the ASR for the majoirity of our guests.


Water levels during the week went from a challenging 73cm up to a roaring 135cm which is nearly a meter higher than normal and some 15cm over big rock and our measuring station at the top of the home pool. Although there were several nice sunny days with air temps to 15C – water temps remain chilly rising up ever so slightly from 0.2C to 0.8C. With large reserves of snow-ice further upstream and throughout the north facing valleys, the water temps will remain cool for at least the next 2-3 weeks. Therefore we are advising guests to make sure they include slow – medium and heavy sinking lines/tips to their fishing arsenal. The best flies/tubes have been 2-3 inch – Black – Orange – Yellow – Green – including Snealdas – Temple Dogs – Samurai’s and Green helmuts.

Despite the challenging conditions last week, the 8 gentlemen that decided to go with the flow had one of the most exciting fishing weeks ever! While all the boys will be going home with stories to tell about the multiple salmon they caught, several had truely epic results that will not soon be forgotten.

Hamish and Michael had an exceptional time from start to finish tallying up 17 salmon that included 6 great fish over 20 pounds with Hamish breaking his P.B 3X along the way topping things off with this 27 pounder to end an inspiring bright silver week.



Our new friends Bob and Chris were delighted to be joining us for the first time.



Congrats to our good friend Sugai San who was back again for his 24th season (and next week as well!) along with Takuo who together landed 15 salmon including a silver brace of 21 pounders for Takuo and the fish of the week for Sugai at 109cm – 32 pounds. Takuo started out fishing his special hand tied Orange fly until he lost it. Fortunatly this really didn’t seem to matter as any fly with a bit of orange seemed to work just as well until they started using Green flies which seemed to be the best of all..






And while the honourable Sir Richard did well on his first trip with a half dozen including a couple great fish over 20 pounds – Wednesday belonged to his partner Angus who broke his P.B. 3X over the day with bright fresh 18, 20 and 23 pounders. By the way, this 20 pounder with all the extra spots on its cheek, was just returning back to the river for the second time to spawn later this autumn.





This was a great week full of British gentlemen with a tone of Japanese culture. In addition to running around on the bank, the group enjoyed playing golf in the lodge, making origami – drinking sake and eating scrambled eggs – Nastarovia!

Best wishes from Team Kharlovka