Kharlovka week 24 ending 14th of june 2019

Posted on 20/06/2019

With military exercises affecting the first 2 weeks of the season, along with an unknown number of following weeks, we were especially delighted to see our old friends touch down into the Kharlovka camp!

The conditions upon arrival on the opening Saturday were excellent with air temps well into the 20′s which drove water temps up to 10C with a water level of 41cm. The next morning the winds had shifted with cool air temps back down into the low single digits while the rivers remained much warmer at 12C. Temperatures were on the cold side for the remainder of the week with fresh breezes and the occasional snow flurry along with a morning low of 1C during the middle of the week. As a result, water temps dropped slowly from the opening weekend high of 12C down to 5.5C and then back up slightly to 7C by the Friday afternoon. To add to the challenge and excitment, while the temps were dropping, the rivers were steadily rising from 41cm up to 57cm by the last cast of the week.


Although the boys arrived to perfect conditions, the fishing was hard going most of the week with the low temps and rising rivers. Nevertheless the rivers were obviously filling up with big salmon as the team of 10.5 rods (including Vladimir that only fished about half of the week) went on to release a total of 99 salmon on the week. The largest salmon were 29, 30, 30, 31 pounds – 11 were over 25 pounds – with a total of 32 (nearly a third) of the salmon over 20 pounds. While floating lines were gracing the surface on the opening day, fishermen switched over to light sinking lines for the remainder of the week. The most productive flies were: Snealdas (Franco and other styles), Phatagorvas, Sun Rays, Willie Gunns, Green Samurais, Jock Scotts and few others.

photo 2 Good day for Scotland!


Sun Rays

Highlights included Chris and Bob who had an exhilarating week with a few memorable fish each including a 23 pounder for Bob in the mighty Home pool following a refreshing mid day siesta on camp.


photo 3 Ateam

Thomas battled hard with Ulrich who was back for his 10th season to receive his ASR Veteran ring along with lots of laughs and a couple of satisfying salmon.

photo 5 Ulrich

photo 6 VV&Ulrich

We were all happy that Sasha was back guiding on camp again who together with Alex from team Scotland who had a couple of impressive 25 and 29 pounders to start the first weekend.

photo 7 Sasha

photo 8 - Alex 29lbs

photo 9 - Alex 25 in the sun

Sasha also assisted Sergey with another 15 salmon including his new PB 25 pounder from Guy’s pool.

photo 10 - Sergey

Mikael had the magic along with an arsenal of some of the best flies on earth – releasing 18 salmon on the week with 8 over 20 – that included a couple of the biggest fish of the week at 30 and 31-pounds.

photo 11 - Mike

photo 12 - 30 home pool

photo 13 - Frodin 30 pounds

Vladimir also gets honourable mention for only fishing about half of the week and going on to release 12 good salmon including 5 between 20 and 27 pounds.
Martin another ASR veteran managed to land 9 between 20 and 30 pounds! However there were no records broken here and when you have released as many fish as these two then eventually you only bother to take photos (and many) of any new personal bests.

photo 14 - Kharlovka_Vladimir-2

And finally there were the veterans Allan and Jamie from team Scotland that always enjoy a good battle – who combined for 26 good fish with 6 over 20 including their annual traditional double up and release photo from the Rock pool.





photo 19 - Jamie suited up

Good fishing and good friends made for memorable week on the tundra!

Team Kharlovka

photo 20 - Kharlovka week 24