Kharlovka week 24 ending 12th of June 2015

Posted on 15/06/2015

Last Saturday afternoon our latest group of 13 guests from Sweden, U.K. Malaysia, South Africa, USA and Russia arrived safe and sound to the Kharlovka camp. Cool temperatures and light rain followed through the weekend rising the rivers up another 4cm. Despite the early spate conditions, the boys got off to the good start with 25 salmon by Sunday dinner including a several solid 20+ pounders. That evening was dedicated to our Kharlovka Veterans Big Dave (11 years), Colin (10 years), Mike (11 years), Mikael (18 years) , and DT (on his 22nd season) who were all presented with silver rings to honour their many years of dedication to the ASR.




Come Monday morning we woke up to gale force winds that continued through to late evening which made the fishing conditions extremely challenging. In fact, not a single salmon was landed during the day until after dinner when the storm settled down and Anders wisely decided to roll down to the Home pool to pull out a satisfying brace 11 and 23 pounds. Mikael and Chuck were not far behind going on the land 22 and 25 pounders before the evening was over.




With the improved weather conditions as well as the good water levels and increasing temperature, Kharlovka’s seasoned Veteran anglers were in for a treat for the rest of the week going on to land 90 salmon on the week. Again the fishing tactics last week included everything from the super heavy lines and big bright flies on the upper rivers to floating lines and light sink tips with willie gunns, black green helmuts, cascades, and even sun rays through the middle to lower beats. As the week progressed and the water levels dropped from 65cm down to 51cm, many of the salmon were running straight through the bottom pools and are now starting to stack up on the upper rivers. Evidence of this was the morning Mikael landed 5 out of the 9 salmon he hooked before 11am in Guys pool – also this beauty for Chuck from the Kharlovka falls.


Honourable mention also goes out to our friend Gena who landed a 30 pounder together with his guide Dima. However, unfortunately like last year when Gena landed a 30 pounder on the same week, his camera battery was flat again. Next time we will make sure Gena is all charged up before we fly him back over the Litza for round III.


Other highlights included the most of the rest of the gang that also went onto land 20+ pounders including Mike, Colin, Big Dave, Yuri, and Igor.






We are proud to announce the official opening of the new Farlows shop at our Kharlovka camp! Although this is only a temporary shop, our main shop being under construction, we have a great selection of the top brands with prices that are competitive with the US – sales have been steady.



Another great week of fishing that was shared amongst a great group of friends. Good numbers of salmon are arriving on every tide. With cool temperatures and light rain in the forecast, we are optimistic for another interesting week to come.