Kharlovka Fishing Week 23 – 2012

Posted on 08/06/2012

You have to go all the way back to the 2005 season on the mighty Kharlovka camp when we recorded more large salmon on the first week of June. Although we did not manage to beat our old record of 130, nobody was complaining last week with a final result of 95 wonderful spring salmon. Especially considering that 39% of the salmon landed were larger than 20 pounds. Everyone in the group had at least one 20+ pounder to go home and brag about. In addition to that, there were 5 great salmon of 36, 34, 32, 31, 31 pounds!



While everyone had a tale to tell last week, Big Dave will be going home with a fish story that none of us will soon forget. After hooking into a serious monster on the right bank of the upper Dream pool, BD was instantly in big trouble as his great salmon shot down river into the rapids below. Doing his best to keep the line off the rocks, BD was deep into his backing in seconds. After chasing his salmon down the right bank as far as possible, BD quickly realized that they were going to have to go back up and cross the river in the boat. Meanwhile, his salmon had disappeared down the rapids and was rounding the corner somewhere into the lower Dream pool. With well more than 150 meters of 50 pound backing out, Vasiliy rowed as fast (and as safely!) as possible across the river and proceeded to chase after the salmon retrieving the line back meter by meter as they went. Although time had now become irrelevant in Big Dave’s mind, the battle went on for 30 some minutes before Vasiliy finally lifted the net on BD’s spectaular 106cm 36 pounder!

Did we forget to mention that Big Dave had a 112cm – 34 pounder the day before on the lower Kharlovka?


Young Anders had to be the other big story of the week, deciding it was finally time to come play with the big boys on the opening week of the Kharlovka season. Smart move as Anders previous best was a measly 12 pounder. Young Anders ended up breaking that old record on the first day in the Lower Canyon dreading up a 20 pounder on a sunk line. Anders went on to land a nice salmon pretty much every day including several nice fish of 18, 19, 19 pounders. On the last day (Big fish Friday) it was rumored that a couple of very large fish were landed on the middle Litza however they could not make out who had caught them. It turned out that young Anders has been ruined for life improving his personal best yet again up to another level by landing an exceptionally thick 104cm X 61cm – 32 pounder out of the Dream pool.



It wasn’t too difficult to tell who had the other large salmon on big fish Friday, as Alan, with a noticeable swing in his step, simply could not wipe the smirk off his wind burned face as he approached the rest of his friends waiting patiently for news back at the lodge. It turned out that Alan had broken his old Kharlovka personal best with a fantastic 31 pounder out of the Litza Tent pool. We have a funny feeling that we will be hearing from Team Scotland again next year!

On behalf of the entire group last week, we would like to give special thanks to Mikael Frodin for all his efforts during the Master Class. Due to his informative lectures and stream side lessons, in addition to the sharing of experiences that were generated amongst the group, we are all walking away with a few new trick up our sleeves!


Summer appears to be here. The water levels have dropped away fast with a current reading of 21cm on the home pool scale and a river temperature of 9.5C.

With scattered showers and mild temperatures forecasted for the next several week, we are optimistic for what lies ahead!