Kharlovka Three Rivers week 36 ending 5th of September

Posted on 08/09/2014

The Kharlovka, Litza & Rynda/Zolotoya – Statistics for the week:

Nationalities: Scotland, Italy, Spain, Finland, Russia, (plus an Irish scientist)

Number of Salmon: 174

Number of anglers: 13

Fish over 30lbs: 1 x 33lbs

Rynda/Zolotoya: 67 salmon of which 4 over 20lbs

Litza: 62 salmon of which 6 over 20lbs

Kharlovka: 46 salmon of which 4 over 20lbs

Personal Best Fish: 6

Following on from an all around fantastic opening week of the autumn 3 rivers programme, we were delighted to start the whole process all over again last Saturday when our latest bunch of familiar faces arrived back to the Kharlovka camp all dreaming about landing the big one. In fact with the exception of our new Italian friends along with a couple of new Finnish faces, most of the boys had already fished the Northern Rivers several times before.


Unlike the previous week with mostly cloudy skies and mild temps, last week the conditions were inconsistently all over the place from bright sunny days and cool temperatures in the low single digits to dark warm windy days with periods of good rain and even thunder and lighting towards the end of the week. Although we had plenty of rivers to fish, we really could have done with a bit more rain earlier in the week, as the water levels dropped away from -6cm down to -10cm before rising up a much needed 8cm during the final day. The water temps continue to be fairly mild for this time of the year finishing off with a reading of 10C.


Despite the changing weather, all the beats on all the rivers continue to provide consistent action. Nearly every pool on the Rynda seemed to be fishing well with the Eagles Nest and Tolstoi being a couple of the favourites. The whole lower Kharlovka and also the pools of the lower Litza, especially Reindeer rapids all fished well straight through the week. The boys were using floating lines and light sinking tips, with flies that ranged from a variety of colourful shrimps and willies, highlanders, and Gkillers, to of course sun rays.


Low late season water levels along with mild temps meant that the conditions for the fall run of Osenkas were not ideal yet with the majority of the run most likely holding off until the water rises and the temperatures start to drop consistently down into the single digits. Although the autumn season is running a week or 2 late, there were still stories of good sized Osenkas spotted moving through the pools on all the rivers.

On the first day Max inspired us all with the wild look in his eyes after returning back with Sergey from the middle Litza. Still shaking and stuttering hours later, we understand that Big Max (age 25) paused for a cast with his hand tied flaming Chernobyl salmon ant off the top of the rocks high above the Crack pool when a huge bright sliver monster took his fly and was off to the races. Estimated to be around 40 pounds, they battled for some 45 minutes going about 150m downstream before the huge Osenka finally broke Big Max off wrapping around a rock.  Hard lessons were learned however as they say, always better to have loved and lost than to never have hooked it at all. Thankfully Max went on to land many other good salmon during the week including this nice silver one in addition to eventually landing his new 26 pound P.B. off Rock Island on the Rynda.


Honourable mention also goes out to the super Fins JJ, Pasi, Antti G and Antti P. Thankfully one of the Antti’s didn’t seem to get enough this spring and was back again for round II with his friends. While Antti wasn’t able to beat the bright silver 33 pounder he had on the Kharlovka earlier this June, he did find 25 other good salmon including a several solid 23, 25 and 27 pounders.


- Antti P with a good fish from Big Mac pool.


- Antti G with a fat hen out of Mark’s Pocket.

The Mediterranean corner included our amigos from Spain and Italy all had a good laugh together along some nice salmon. Steffano deserves an honourable mention for landing 5 beauties in a row between 12 and 19 pounds out of the small pocket below the Russian pool on the Zolotaya. However it was Malaca who had the bragging rights in the end proudly claiming his certificate for the big fish of the week at 33 pounds.


And while all our friends had some exciting stories to tell, the one that stood out most last week certainly had to be the Big Baldy!  Thougthfully dressed with a pink cone head followed down by a bit of ginger fringe collaring off a full dark body with a generous amount of fancy tinsel dress – at least that is what mad Jamie from Scotland and his crazy fly both looked like before he landed the first of his 25 salmon on it! Yes Jamie, who has fished the Northern Rivers 17 weeks over the last 15 years, unbelievably landed, even though he tried everything else?, all his salmon on this curious concoction. In fact, it started out as a fly tied on a double hook until he smashed one of the hooks on a rock and decided to cut the other off. He then surgically added some red plastic tubing over the tail and threaded the nylon down through the eye along the fat body and through the tube to a deadly sharp set of new double hooks. Presto! By the end of the week everyone had a Big Baldy in their box;)



Big Gordon also desired credit for being Jamie’s fishing partner and for go on to land a couple of 20+ers including his new P.B. 25 pounder.



A welcome twilight now settles over camp about about 10 o’clock. The birch is just beginning to rustle a green-highlander yellow on the still mild southern breezes. Buckets full of berries and bags of mushrooms seem to arrive back to camp with every flight. With those much needed rains arriving just in time to freshen the rivers back up along with the recent reports of large salmon splashing about in nearly all the pools, we are looking forward to everyday of this final week of the year.