Travel Information

New Travel Information for the season 2020 will be confirmed around the New Year

The charter flight between Helsinki and Murmansk will be confirmed for the 2020 ASR Season after the New Year.

Russian Visa: Everyone is responsible for obtaining their own visa. Please double check your passport and visa well before you leave your home country. Remember a passport must be valid for 6 MONTHS AFTER date of planned departure from Russia. Your visa must have your name exactly as it is written in your passport and the dates in your visa must cover your entire visit to Russia.

Please note that ONLY tourist visas are allowed to enter the Camp territories. Business visas are NOT allowed. Thank you for understanding!

Russia visa requirements for British passport holders include the submission of finger print scans.

Therefore, we are sending our British friends their Russian invitation letters early to allow extra time to complete the process.

We can also recommend the following Visa support agencies: Visa Services in London (Carolina). Her telephone number is 020 7229 4784.
Other agencies include:

Please do let me know if we can be of further assistance. Looking forward to seeing you on camp!
Kind regards, Maria

Helsinki to Murmansk Charter flight: operated by ——-.

Saturday flight Details 2020 will be confirmed later on in the New Year:

  • –.05 – –.07.2020: Depart Helsinki   –:–    Arrive Murmansk –:–
  • Depart Murmansk –:–    Arrive Helsinki  –:–
  • –.07 – –.10.2020: Depart Helsinki   –:–    Arrive Murmansk –:–
  • Depart Murmansk –:–    Arrive Helsinki  –:–

Please note this itinerary is shown as a guide only and local times may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tickets & Check-In: On Saturday’s passengers should be in the Helsinki Airport for Check-in no later than 2 hours before departure, where they will be issued with their ticket. In addition the reception desk at the Hilton Airport Hotel will be posting a note to verify what time and what counter numbers the check in is at the airport. We will send you a confirmation boarding pass 48hours before departure. Just show your passport and visa and, provided they are in order, they will give you your ticket and check you through. Please arrange with the hotel for a suitable wake up call and remember that a meal will be served on the flight. The Helsinki to Murmansk flight number will be posted as soon as it becomes available. We advise that outbound flights from Helsinki be booked to depart after 4:00 pm. Finnair and the Kharlovka Company Limited are not responsible for ramifications of any delays (i.e. missed flight connections).

Helsinki accommodations: ASR guests are encouraged to make their own hotel reservations at the Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel for the Friday night the day before their departure. Only a 3-minute walk from the airport, the contemporary Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel can be reached directly from the terminal via a covered walkway.

Attention: Due to terminal construction work the access between the terminal and the Hilton Hotel has changed. The small elevator is not in use, there is a walking ramp in place… please allow for extra time getting to the terminal.

Hilton Helsinki Airport hotel
Lentajankuja 1, Vantaa, Finland 01530
Tel: 358-9-73220
Fax:  358-9-73222211

Alternatively, guests may wish stay downtown at the luxurious Hotel Kamp or choose another hotel of their choice.
Hotel Kämp Pohjoisesplanadi 29, 00100 Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 576 111
Fax: +358 9 576 1122

Helsinki Charter Baggage Allowance: This is 22,9 kilos + rod case in the hold and 8 kilos carry on of reasonable volume. However, please bare in mind that travel to and from the Lodge and Murmansk is by helicopter, and the weight is limited. It is a good idea to ensure your baggage carries the name of the fishing lodge you are visiting along with a contact number.

Lost Luggage: Our charter flight will not wait for lost baggage. We suggest you instruct your airline to deliver lost baggage to your Helsinki hotel to await collection on your return journey. We strongly recommend all guests carry one medium (not large or your airline might put it in the hold) sized hand baggage with vital clothing, washing kit, medicines, cameras and equipment etc. Think carefully about this. We have in camp spare jackets, waders, rods and rough clothes for example so that in emergency you only need your reel, leaders and flies and even these could be supplied.

International Travel: Everyone will make their own arrangements to arrive at Helsinki Airport on or before the Friday of each week and for their home departure on Saturday – see Finnair Flight Timetables. Where possible on the return journey you are advised to allow at least three hours for transfer due to possible late departure from Murmansk. However, all guests must appreciate there can be considerable delays on returning from our camps in the Arctic Tundra through Murmansk Airport such as fog, helicopter delays, airport procedures & baggage handling. It must be clearly understood the company is not in a position to accept responsibility for missed international connections.

Missed flights: If you arrive late and the check in gate is closed telephone us immediately through

Victor Koretsky on +7 921 275 9821 and give him your cell number if you have one. If you miss our charter flight the only way to get to Murmansk is to make your own arrangements via Moscow or St. Petersburg. Stay calm – It has all happened before. Victor will discuss arrangements to get you to the camps as quickly as possible. If you cannot get Victor try Maria on +7 921 772 6857.