Fishing Tackle Recommendations

Rods, reels and lines are again very much a question of personal taste. It is essential that reels contain at least 200ms of well maintained backing and that they have a reasonable drag system. Clear nylon or fluorocarbon in breaking strains 12-35lbs should take care of the business end. Many of our fish are large and unusually strong – given the chance they often run out long lengths of line. The Windcutter type lines with interchangeable tips cover most situations however many of the guests are now changing over to Guideline type shooting heads. Later on a light standard sinktip or a full floater is about all one needs.


Double handed rods in 14-16’ for line weights #9-12 are favored in the early season and 12-15’ in weights #8-10 at summer height. A single handed rod for #7-9 lines is perfect for dry fly and other surface oriented tactics, although much of this can be done with the double hander too. A 15’ #10 rod would be the ideal all rounder. We keep a good stock of SAGE rods, along with reels etc., in the camps for the clients’ use. A broken rod will not spoil your holiday!


As to fly selection it again varies with the season. Early on bigger and gaudy tubes of 3/4” and 1 ½”, like Temple Dogs and Willie Gunns are called for, with Sunray Shadows tubes soon to follow. The tubes are fished with Loop type double tube hooks. Salmon are salmon and all the old favorites from home will have their day. We feel that fly size and presentation overrules patterns. Experimentation is one of the joys of fishing and stone fly nymphs and even trout flies have been used to great effect. Our American and Canadian friends have also proven the worth of Bombers and riffled Muddler type flies. Other summer killers include small bottle tubes, Sunray Shadows, Frances, Alistair, Baby Temple Dog, Snaelda, Willie Gunns, Green Highlanders, Cascade & Green and Red Butts. Please remember to bring a pair of good pliers to help release fish when you are on your own.

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