2014 ASR Salmon Season Summary

Posted on 20/09/2014

As all good things must end one day we have come to the conclusion of a magical season. It’s always exciting when you can look back and can say it was great success!

In fact:

There were a total of 2626 salmon landed on the ASR.
Kharlovka had 44.5% more salmon than last year.
Rynda with a 20% increase on last year.
There were 1008 more salmon (38%) than 2012!

Big Fish Stats:

26 salmon greater than 30 pounds
54 greater than 25 pounds
205 over 20 pounds on the year (14% of the Kharlovka salmon)

Considering spring’s late arrival this season which led to exceptionally high water and extended cold testing conditions during the month of June, overall, we had an exceptionally jolly time with some tremoundous results. However, we all know that nothing great ever comes easy when salmon fishing above the arctic circle for without all the challenges the adventure would be routine. To be able to escape the boundaries of normal city life and return to this pristine angling paradise is nothing less than therapy for the soul.

Beyond all the encouraging numbers, it’s been an enormous privilege to spend another season here on the Northern Rivers and a pleasure to reconnect with all our old friends that we have made here over the years and to making some new ones we that we can look forward to seeing again next year. To conclude, we would again like to say ‘Bolshoy Spaseeba’ to our dedicated Russian team who without question went out of their way to make this wonderful experience all possible for us. After some 20 legendary years here on the northern tundra we are in the process of giving the famous Kharlovka lodge a much needed facelift including a fresh shell, new windows and roof along with an improved outdoor gathering area. Nothing on the ASR ever stands still for long, just as we reach a plateau it is time to start climbing again. For the team here, as well as for many of our guests, we are already looking forward to coming ‘home’ again next year.

As the land of the midnight sun prepares for another long winter’s sleep, it is time for us to depart and let nature takes its course. We remain dedicated to protecting these, some of the last of the wild Big salmon rivers. Under the close watchful eyes of our team of Special Forces, the ASR will now rest undisturbed once again, allowing these extraordinary fish to continue on their remarkable journeys.

For now, we have to say goodbye to this encouraging season feeling both grateful and content and with great reason – optimistic for the next! We are currently in the process of finalizing our fishing plans for 2015. ASR fishing invitations will be sent out by the end of September.

We wish all of you a safe and happy winter and look forward to fishing with you all again next season on the Northern Rivers!

Za Strarovia!

Justin and Vladimir

Atlantic Salmon Reserve 2014-2